Dinner is served from 5P to 8P.  Feel free to dine inside or outdoors on the front porch.  No split plates please.

Mrs. Pogue’s Pretzels $6

Authentic handmade Bavarian Pretzel with chef’s mustard

Little House Salad $7

Fresh greens, carrots, tomatoes & cucumber with dressing (V)

Soup du Jour – cup $8

Chef’s house made seasonal soup of the day

Shrimp Cocktail $15 (p)

Cooked, chilled shrimp with spicy house made cocktail sauce

Smoked Salmon Canapés $7 (v)

Smoked salmon on rye bread with cream cheese, cucumber & dill

Cheesy Garlic Bread $5

Sourdough bread baked with garlic butter & Mozzarella cheese

Lavender White Fish Shrimp Scampi $29

Dory sautéed in herbs du Provence and lavender, garlic shrimp, over Pilaf

Beef Bolognaise $28

Slow-cooked beef, tomatoes, garlic, thyme & oregano over spaghetti pasta

Chef’s Coq Au Vin $30

French braised chicken leg quarter in red wine sauce over Lyonnaise Pilaf

Classic Beef Stroganoff $28

Sirloin tips, mushrooms, gravy with crème fraiche over pappardelle

Big Steak Au Poivre & Mash $45

12oz. prime rib-eye steak, creamy pepper sauce, mashers & veg

Entrée Salad & Grilled Chicken $25

Fresh greens, beets, fresh fennel, marinated purple onion & feta with berry-poppy seed dressing & grilled chicken breast

Skillet Butternut Squash Paella $19

Vegan baked rice with saffron, veggies, squash and peas.  Add spicy Sausage + 8 or sauteed shrimp + $10

Chef’s Spicy Fish Stew $22

Hearty tomato-based fish, crab and shrimp stew in a large sourdough bowl

Children’s Choice: Butter noodles with mini meatballs $10

Children’s Choice:

Butter Noodles with mini meatballs $10

Lemony Bundt Cake $6

Lemony cake with lemon drizzle frosting

Big Pumpkin Pie $9

Old fashioned Pumpkin pie in savory crust with whipped cream

Apple Streusel $7

Apples & cinnamon in flaky pastry puff

German Chocolate Cake $8

Traditional light chocolate cake with pecan and coconut frosting

Chocolatey Cake $8

Chocolate cake with chocolate mousse filling and chocolate glaze

You can browse our selection of craft beer, fine wines and cocktails below.  We also have a variety of non-alcoholic beverages.